Best Thigh High Socks Plus Size In 2021

Many women in the plus size community know that Thigh High Socks Plus Size can be difficult to find or they may not want to purchase them for fear of looking like a schoolgirl.

There are also some tips and tricks for making your own pair of thigh highs which you can do with any sock. I’ll go over these different types of socks and share some ideas on how to make your own pair.

The first sock type is a tube knit which means it has one long piece of fabric rolled into a cylinder. This is the easiest to make, just stitch up the heel and continue along your “tube” until you have made your desired length.

Since these socks only have one seam chances are they won’t fit perfectly but that can actually be a good thing. If you have a pair of tube socks that are too large or not tight enough, you can use these as your length guide when making your own.

Thigh High Socks Plus Size

What are thigh high socks?

Thigh high socks are just that, socks that come up over your thigh. They can be worn under pants or skirts and can be used in many ways when it comes to style.

The second type of sock is the footed tights which mean they have one piece of fabric for each leg but they are shaped like feet so they cover your whole foot and your ankle with an extra-long cuff at the end.

These are more difficult to make than tube socks because you need to sew two seams (one toe seam and one back seam) but if you mess up no big deal because these will still look good despite any imperfections! The best type of material I’ve found for making these work well is cotton lycra since it has a little bit of stretch.

A third option is knee-high socks which are just like footed tights but they come up to your knee rather than going all the way up to your thigh.

These also have an extra-long cuff at the top and can be worn under pants or skirts. You could use a cotton lycra tube sock for this style as well if you don’t want a seam on your leg but for a really nice pair, I recommend making them from actual fabric because those will last longer and not slide down as much since they’ll fit tighter around your legs. There are many different types of fabric that work well for these depending on what look you’re going for!

The different types of thigh high socks

There are many different things you can do to make your thigh high socks unique.

1) The first thing I would recommend is either hemming the top of the sock or adding a band at the top. Doing this will allow you to wear them as a plain pair or with a cuff at the top which will completely change their look!

2) If you’re using cotton lycra then no stitching is needed but if you want to use other fabric it should be noted that stitching will cause ripples in whatever material you use so it’s better to sew each seam by hand. You can also stitch or serge together elastic and fold over or under and zigzag around the edge before hemming it for an even more secure seam.

How to wear Thigh high socks

Thigh high socks are versatile pieces that can be worn under pants or skirts. You can achieve a vintage look by wearing them with rolled-up jeans, knee-length skirts, and dress shirts.

To make it more modern you could pair them with black tights underneath a mini skirt or just wear comfortable leggings to show off your cute socks!

Wearing thigh-high socks is fun because they’re not something everyone wears so when you do people will likely ask about them if they didn’t already see how awesome they are on your legs! Don’t forget that there are many different types of plus-size hosiery available too so check out our hosiery section for more options than just socks.

Thigh high sock etiquette

Because thigh highs are fairly new on the scene there haven’t been that many rules set in place for wearing them.

One rule is that you should wear some kind of footwear with your socks if they’re not footless like over the knee socks. This doesn’t mean you have to wear shoes but wearing a pair of flats or even ankle boots will go a long way towards fixing this problem!

Another thing to remember when wearing these is not to put your leg up on anything because it defeats the purpose of why people wear them and makes it look like you forgot to put on pants so really…don’t do this!

So don’t feel bad if someone says something about wearing thigh high socks, just that they’re a relatively new trend so there are some things to keep in mind when wearing them.

When not to wear them?

There are a few times when wearing them would be inappropriate such as:

1) If you’re going to the beach or swimming in any area, avoid wearing them because they can become see-through and no one wants to see your bare legs. It’s just not worth it!

2) The last thing I’d recommend is avoiding wearing them with mini skirts at clubs or bars.

If you’re going to be meeting up with friends for a night on the town then I’d recommend just getting something other than thigh high socks because there’s only so many times people can ask about how they work and you’ll eventually get sick of explaining it every time someone asks!

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Thigh high socks are the latest trend in fashion. They provide a great opportunity to wear your most fashionable clothes with an added layer of warmth on top, and they come in many different sizes for everyone’s needs.

Some people think thigh highs should only be worn during winter months while others believe it is appropriate all year round; either way, you need to consider what type of occasion or event you will be attending before deciding on whether or not this style choice is right for you.

There are three basic types: knee-highs go up just below the knees, over-the-knee which typically stop at mid-calf length, and thigh highs that cover from waist line up to the tops of thighs -Thigh high sock etiquette dictates that these socks are to be worn in a way that wraps around the leg.

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