Best Thigh High Socks Lace In 2021 | Buying Guide

Thigh High Socks Lace are a hot commodity this season. They offer an edgy look that can be paired with any outfit, but they also come in lace. This is perfect for those who want to keep their feet warm and still have style!

-There are many different styles of thigh high socks on the market these days, from solid colors to prints. Whether you’re looking for something conservative or daring, you’ll find it at your local retailer’s shoe department.

-What makes these socks so popular? It might be because they make legs look longer or more shapely than other types of footwear like flats and sneakers do; however, there is no concrete evidence as yet to support this theory.

Thigh High Socks Lace

What are thigh highs?

Thigh high socks lace are simply socks that go as high as your thighs, as you probably already know. However, there is a lot of confusion surrounding their proper name. This type of sock is also called over the knee socks or OTK socks, but they’re all one and the same thing!

-You can find them in various lengths depending on where they will be worn. The classic thigh high goes up to right before your undergarments begin (i.e., it covers nothing).

There are several variations on this length including fishnets and lace stockings, which usually end around mid-thigh. In terms of length, these tend to run from just above the knee to ankle coverage. They may also be referred to as knee high socks or not be named at all.

How do you wear thigh highs?

Well, known Tumblr blogger, has created a detailed step by step tutorial on how to properly put them on:

1) Make sure that you purchase the proper size and that they fit snugly (if they’re too big, your feet will fall out of them when walking).

2) Put one sock over your left foot with the material facing down. You can then either roll this up into a cuff or fold it under so the material is touching your skin. Some people find that folding it under helps keep it in place better, but experiment to see what works for you!

3) Take the other sock and pull it over the top of your foot with the material facing down. Again, you can either roll this up or fold it under.

4) If you have a lace design, there should be an opening at the toe part of each sock for you to put your feet in through. Be sure to keep the socks together so that they don’t split apart when putting them on!

5) Put both socks over your legs carefully and then let them rest around your thighs. Once again, if you have a lace design, take care not to split it apart when pulling these up over your thighs.

Different styles of thigh highs

Now that you know how to wear thigh highs properly, it’s time to decide on the right style for you! Here are just a few examples of what you can choose from:

Solid color thigh highs

Long solid color stockings are perfect for those who want to keep their outfits simple and clean. For example, these could be worn with a pair of slacks or tights underneath them if you wanted to keep warm during walking around town or commuting to work.

They’re also an ideal choice if you have conservative tastes with regard to fashion; solid colors tend not to draw negative attention. These come in black, white, nude/skin tone, pink, red, blue, etc.


Fishnets are the classic choice among Goths and people who want to add a little funk to their wardrobes. Fishnet stockings (aka pantyhose) are made up of several very thin strips of material that make up the overall pattern; these run vertically down your legs.

You can choose between fishnet knee-high socks or full-size fishnets; however, if you take good care of them, both should last you through at least one winter season (unless they snag on something like thorns). Fishnets are available in black/neon colors.

Lace thigh highs

These go pretty much all the way up to your waist; however, they usually have an opening for your legs to fit through. This type of sock is great if you want to add some subtle detail to an outfit, but they tend not to get dirty quickly so require more maintenance than solid color ones.

Lace socks are available in basic colors like black and white; however, the most well-known style is called “Fairy Kei” because its design reminds people of fairies or something that’s very light and airy.

Thigh highs in general

Thigh high stockings are extremely popular in Japan. They’re made in a variety of lengths, which gives you quite a few options when it comes to how you wear them during any one season.

You decide to purchase these types of socks, you should ensure that they fit tightly so that they don’t fall down while walking around. If the material is loose, it’ll just bunch up and look awkward; however, if you purchase socks that are too small for your legs (or if you roll them up instead of folding under), they can cut off blood circulation to your lower limbs and cause dizziness (you could faint). You also want to make sure not to snag them on things like thorns or nails because this will very quickly ruin the design.

How long do thigh high socks last?

Generally speaking, basic solid color ones (especially ones made out of synthetic fibers) can last at least one winter season.

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It is clear that thigh highs are a trend and not going anywhere anytime soon. With the variety of styles available, you can find something to suit your personal taste or outfit needs! Plus, they’re fun to wear in any season with many different outfits!

All it takes is one pair of knee-high socks for an easy style transformation – what will be your go-to? If you need help finding the perfect pair of thigh highs at a great price, let our team members know and we’ll hook you up!

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